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We finally bring 21st-century tech to glass processing. GLAZER is based on our unique patented laser, matched with our automation technology for 3D glass machining, ready for the Industry 4.0.

The major product idea behind GLAZER: a multi-purpose CNC technology for many glass types and processing operations. Digitally reconfigurable to adopt new processes and materials. New process => new software update => agile manufacturing

3 times less equipment footprint, 90% less consumables, 80% less waste.

Hypermemo is the world's pioneer in short-pulsed Q-switched high-power CO2 lasers, which actually work.

Existing gas lasers can't work in short-pulse Q-switched modes. The reason is the high energy absorption in electro- and acousto-optical modulators, which makes them overheat and collapse in lasers with more than 10W of average power output. We have solved this issue and developed the GLAZER technology, which is backed by 10+ years of scientific research and equipment development. GLAZER provides around 15 times excess of the peak power over the average power, with a pulse frequency of 10-60 kHz and a pulse duration of 200-400 ns.

This allows converting the CO2 laser into a highly versatile tool for brittle materials processing. 

Protected by patents

One-stage processing

cutting, chamfering, engraving, surface treatment on a single table with the single tool

Clean cut, any shape

straight and curved edges, holes, no edge postprocessing required

Contactless laser tool

no fluttering and distortions guaranteed

Thick glass welcome

thickness up to 30 mm

Many glass types

laminated, chemically tempered, laminated, special

Reduced equipment footprint

one-stage clean processing makes some equipment obsolete

Reduced waste

no chips, no liquids, no abrasive powder, no washing

Backward compatible

solutions for legacy equipment

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