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Hypermemo is the pioneer in the Q-switched high-power CO2 laser technology.

Our innovation is backed by 20+ years of scientific research and development in the field of high-power lasers. It provides around 15x excess of the peak power over the average power, with a pulse frequency of 10-60 kHz and a pulse duration of 200-400 ns. The ability to provide up to 200W stable output power in the short-pulsed regime makes our lasers unique.

This allows converting our CO2 laser into a highly versatile tool for brittle materials processing. 

GLASER technology utilizes our unique patented CO2 laser installed on the linear axis machine enabling 3D glass machining.

Protected by patents in US, Finland, Russia, Japan.

One-stage processing

cutting, chamfering, engraving, surface treatment on a single table with the single tool

Clean cut, any shape

straight and curved edges, holes, no edge postprocessing required

Reduced equipment footprint

one-stage clean processing makes some equipment obsolete

Contactless laser tool

no fluttering and distortions guaranteed

Any thickness

thickness up to 30 mm

Any glass types

laminated, chemically tempered, laminated, special

Backward compatible

solutions for legacy equipment

Reduced waste

no chips, no liquids, no abrasive powder, no washing

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