About us

Hypermemo Oy is developing industrial gas laser technologies for brittle materials processing.

We started in 2014, and have built a sophisticated R&D facility and a fantastic team. 


At the end of 2015, our development activities were supported by Finnish Public Funding Body TEKES (currently "Business Finland"). The joint government/private funding helped us develop a breakthrough high-frequency short-pulsed CO2 laser, and to demonstrate flat and Gorilla glass laser cutting techniques without the need for postprocessing.


In 2018 the company has received a Horizon2020 SME Instrument grant.

Hypermemo is a venture-backed company.

The company is currently targeting smart/coated, architectural, automotive, and laminated glass processing sectors with its GLAZER technology and GLAZER-based industrial solutions.

All R&D and product development are done in Finland.

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