Hypermemo Oy proudly presents the GLASER technology for laser-based glass processing.

GLASER transforms the traditional industrial process, as cutting, chamfering, surface treatment, marking and engraving are now consecutively performed with a single all-in-one laser tool on a single table.

No chips, no liquids, no abrasive powder, no washing.

Typical use cases

Smart glass processing

Smart windows using smart glass are the key to decreasing energy losses in buildings almost to 0. This is achieved by controlling light transmission in the range from 0 up to 98% by smart glass coatings. However, the current glass cutting technology destroys these soft and thin smart coatings, leading to processing rejects levels of up to 80%. This makes the price of smart glass 2-6 times higher than that of ordinary glass, thereby hampering its entrance into the market.

The GLASER technology allows processing smart glass in a contactless, precise and CleanTech way. We have increased production capacity by 3 times compared to traditional methods and have brought rejects level almost to zero. Which means significant smart glass cost cuts for the market.

Automotive glass processing

GLASER highly versatile laser tool can change the way auto glass parts are manufactured: curved cuts, chamfering and marking are made at one table and with minimal waste. Which means dramatic reduction of equipment footprint, maintenance costs and pollution.
An average-size auto mirror can be fully processed in less than 10 seconds with up to 300 mm per sec cutting speed.
The contactless laser tool generates no chips, no deformation and no fluttering, which means higher quality and durability of the glass part.

Architectural glass processing

A piece of flat glass is cut, chamfered and drilled on the same table, then offloaded directly to the finished goods storage.

The GLAZER project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 954932

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